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Tree Surgery Dublin | Tree Trimming Dublin

When dealing with any trees on your property we would advise getting in contact with a Professional Tree Surgeon. The team of Tree Surgeons at Olympian Landscaping are knowledgeable and skilled at their work. We have the equipment and man power to have your trees looking their best.

Some people attempt tree work themselves and cut large sections of living branches or crown growth which does more damage than good. In an attempt to save money by carrying out the work themselves many people kill the tree species they have hacked away at! If the tree does manage to survive it will have suffered significant stress which in turn affects the trees health. This has the potential to increase costs exceptionally if the tree now requires removal.

Best to call a professional tree surgeon from the beginning to examine the trees on your property

At Olympian Landscaping we examine your trees and their surroundings on the initial site visit. Our tree surgeons will advise on best practice for the trees health and vitality. We also take into consideration the customers requirements in relation to the trees growth, size and aesthetics.

Olympian Landscaping are extremely knowledgeable and skilled at

  • Tree surgery

  • Thinning and reduction of trees

  • Removal of dead wood within a tree

  • Tree pruning

  • Tree removal

  • Stump grinding

Our aim is to have the trees on your property looking their best.

If you have any tree related questions and/or are seeking some professional help call Luke on 0851451758